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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Media Markt opens new store in Orihuela

Media Markt, the largest consumer electronics retailer in Europe and Spain, is set to open a new branch in “La Zenia Boulevard” shopping centre, Orihuela Costa. The store, which is scheduled to open at the end of November, is the third Media Markt store in the province of Alicante. The opening of the new facility has brought about the employment of sixty people.  Locals were given priority in the hiring process. The sixty staff for the new Media Markt have been selected from over 4,000 job applications received by recruiters.

Orihuela’s acting mayor, Antonia Moreno Ruiz, visited the new store, accompanied by Salvador Aleixandre, store manager of Media Markt Orihuela. "This new store will give customers the maximum benefit, as it will put the latest technological developments on the market within their reach, giving them the everyday low prices and the support of an excellent professional team" explained Aleixandre, who added that he is "very satisfied with the reception that the citizens of the area are giving Media Markt ".

Media Markt, which currently has 62 stores in Spain, plans to open three new stores, (including the Orihuela store), before the end of the year.

About Media Markt
Media Markt is Europe's leading consumer electronics retailer. The   company, founded in 1979, is part of the Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH group.  Media Markt’s success is based on a unique selection of branded products at a guaranteed minimum price, competent staff, excellent service, a distinctive advertising presence and a decentralized organizational structure. Each general manager is the manager of his own store and, therefore, responsible for the products offered, the  prices, marketing and staff. Today, Media Markt has 62 stores in Spain and 682 stores in 15 European countries and China.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Benicassim 2013 set to go ahead after administrators called in

Spain's Benicassim festival is set to go ahead, despite administrators being called in for its parent company last month.

Shares were suspended in September after poor ticket sales contributed to Vince Power's Music Festivals group going into administration.

Now NME reports that Power has bought the event back from administrators, and is reported to be "delighted" with the new deal.

The Music Festivals company was worth just £310,000 at the time of its collapse, after Benicassim was less profitable than in recent years and the Hop Farm festival, also run by the group, proved to be loss-making.

Power attempted to save Music Festivals PLC by investing with a £750,000 unsecured loan in July, but it wasn't enough to save the company.

The live music impresario complained this summer that the BBC funding of Radio 1 Hackney Weekend was "unfair", saying: "If the BBC is giving something out for free, then we can't's really pissed me off."

Benacissim 2013 will take place from July 18 to July 21.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tornado and "Got Fria" storms cause havoc in Gandia

A tornado to hit tonight Gandia has led a total of 50 injured, 15 of them seriously, according to the latest official data. Strong winds and heavy rains tonight have uprooted trees and knocked down a portion of the big wheel at the Gandia city fair, which has caused dozens of minor injuries, as reported by the Councillor for Public Safety, Javier Reig.

Ferris Wheel Collapse in Gandia Fair
 The rain has flooded the fairgrounds, was accompanied by strong wind, and a truck overturned onto  other cars that were parked. According to Javier Reig, the storm has formed a small tornado that barely lasted a minute. Most of the fair facilities also have been damaged by the strong winds.
Ferris Wheel Collapse in Gandia Fair
Javier Reig added that the rain and the wind uprooted trees and left the area completely flooded. Elsewhere in the city of Gandia, combining the wind has ripped the corrugated roof of a car dealership has fallen on some parked vehicles.
Oliva has also seen damages.
Piles has been flooded in many low areas and the neighbors have had to bail the water that entered their houses with buckets.
In Oliva, Local Police evacuated the sports hall in which dozens of people were shelerting, for fear that the roof becomes detached due to the strong air, according to the mayor, David Gonzalez.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ridley Scott filming in Monte Pego, Alicante, Valencia

The mystery surrounding the Ridley Scott film that starts filming in Alicante has been clarified.

The director of Blade Runner has chosen a villa in Pego shoot some of the scenes of this thriller .

They are filming "The Counselor" due for release November 2013

A lawyer finds himself in over his head when he gets involved in drug trafficking.

'The Counselor' stars Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz and is directed by Ridley Scott

Go hours of drinking glasses", stated yesterday morning a neighbor of the Monte Pego, who lives opposite the luxury villa where British filmmaker Ridley Scott shot some scenes of his film director. He had not yet set the clock at ten in the morning when dozens of extras gave life to a pool party filled with muscular bodies, sculpted female figures and the odd-looking businessman gangster. It's a pool party at the home of a drug dealer in which he appears on stage for the first time in Alicante, the Spanish actor Javier Bardem.

The film, which started filming yesterday in the province's father Alien and Gladiator, tackles the story of a failed lawyer who goes into the world of drug trafficking. Responsible for giving life to this character is the actor Michael Fassbender, who was one of the first to be seen by this luxury development located between El Verger and Pego. The protagonist started rolling early fresher than a rose, despite the Monday night plopped down in the center of Alicante, took some vodka tonic at the hotel and passed through the casino to play blackjack with teammates. No doubt Fassbender is an SUV, no airs divo and open to exchanging jokes between takes with other team members.

Can not say the same for his co-star, Cameron Diaz, whose escort, as stated some extras abroncó a person who was on set for take a picture. The U.S. was not facing the camera until after three o'clock. Always accompanied by a huge green umbrella to avoid paparazzi snapshots of some who went to Monte Pego. The star of There's Something About Mary, that never stopped drinking green tea, looked in punishing female and mysterious black dress shirt with a sleeve tattoo discovered to wear a leopard and a blond hair with black streaks.
One scene was stellar when he left with Javier Bardem on stage, fully characterized with spiky black hair, vintage sunglasses, light blue shirt and pants, a cross between bad Japanese national sport gear. The Spaniard, who plays a drug dealer, dropped into a chair and waited there for his girl-leopard.

Each scene and each shot were maintained by Scott and cinematographer Dariusz Wolski to the millimeter. The preparation of each sequence was eternal retakes and strong winds complicated the shooting, which involved over 60 extras, arrived from Alicante and Benidorm on buses. The first had to get up early because they were collected at 5.45 am, and sent home 12 hours later. Ridley Scott congratulated them for their involvement in the shooting, which ended in applause.
The house where several scenes were filmed yesterday Swiss-owner that he won the lottery, which was in the house during shooting, was rented for more than $ 10,000 the day as residents of the village said. It is located at the top of the hill on which is built the residential, boat-shaped and a huge yard with a pool full of which enjoyed some nice extras.

To get an idea of ​​the level of this blockbuster is not necessary to see movie stars. Only with the deployment of trucks, caravans, luxury cars and mobile restaurants could imagine someone there filming the likes of Ridley Scott, which provides rolling ten days in the province.

No news from Brad Pitt, who already seems clear that not participating in the scenes filmed in Alicante, sources said that filming Penelope Cruz is expected soon in Alicante. The Madrid-born actress, who yesterday was at the Festival of San Sebastian told reporters that although shared credits with Javier Bardem in The counselor has no plane with her husband.
"We do not have any scenes together, so I can not say how it was back to roll with it. All my scenes are with Michael Fassbender and Cameron Diaz, "he said yesterday at the press conference to be reborn, Sergio Castellito, competing for the Golden Shell at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Cormac McCarthy follows closely the scenes
The writer of the counselor, the American writer Cormac McCarthy won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for his novel The Road, also has moved to shooting in Alicante to monitor scenes. The writer of 81 years these days has chatted with the chef of the restaurant El Monastrell, María José San Román, who advised him, among his books, read Blood Meridian, which is more than satisfied. Also participating in the filming of the most prestigious other cinematographers, Dariusz Wolski, who has worked on Pirates of the Caribbean, The Crow or Prometheus, which some confuse with Brad Pitt twice.

Bars without terraces in the Town Hall
The producer of the Minister asked the bars and restaurants of the town hall square terraces withdraw next Friday between the hours of shooting the film. In return, the hoteliers are subsidized with 600 euros for not being able to use the tables in the street during the afternoon, as reported yesterday by some local officials, who acknowledged that "as it stands, compensates." The owners have had to sign a contract "with lots of clauses in which you agree not to take pictures or ask for image rights if your local then comes in the film, 'said one of them. Scott filmed in the municipality and nearby.

Monday, September 17, 2012

HELP of Denia and Marina Alta "Antiques Roadshow

Sunday 28th October 2012
10am to 3pm.
Organised by HELP of Denia and Marina Alta
The Art Centre Association Javea
At the Rui Rau, Jesus Pobre
Bring along your “family heirlooms” where experts will be on hand to value them
, at a cost of €3 per item or set.
All proceeds will go to HELP of Denia and Marina Alta
Food, Drinks and a Cake Stall.
Fabulous Raffle with prizes of Antiques.
For  more information contact
Lorely Griffiths on 966472049 or
The Help Centre 966427044

Sunday, September 2, 2012

10 best places to eat British food for British, overseas


When it comes to eating abroad, the Brits aren’t known for their adventurous appetite. While holidaying overseas, many bypass the foreign food altogether, opting instead for more familiar favourites. For those that prefer to stick to what they know whilst away from the Motherland, travel search site Skyscanner presents 10 of the best places to eat British abroad.

Scallops Restaurant, Javea, Spain
Receiving some 16 million UK visitors each year, Spain is our favourite place to holiday and with hundreds of Brit bars and restaurants to choose from, there’s no need to actually eat Spanish food whilst you’re there. Scallops Restaurant in Javea on the Costa Blanca epitomises British “cheap and cheerful” with some great deals for the hungry Briton (three course menus for about 9 Euros, including a bottle of wine per diner) and a great view over Arenal beach. But the best thing about Scallops Restaurant? Buy a meal, and you get a voucher for a free full English breakfast the next day! It’s as if you never left home. Find cheap flights to Spain

Spainsburys, Valencia, Spain
In what surely must be a breach of trademark - Spainsburys, based in Valencia, Spain, allows British expats, or just visiting tourists, to get their fill of familiar food, offering all the British greats including Marmite, Heinz Baked Beans and Tetley tea bags. But Spainsburys is more than just a little taste of home; the supermarket claims to be the centre of the international expat community with an extensive notice board advertising items for sale, book swaps and community news. You can even enjoy listening to British radio stations as you browse for your Branston pickle and rich tea biscuits. Find cheap flights to Spain

FrogPubs, France
Don’t be fooled by the amphibious name; FrogPubs are a British, (or more specifically, English) chain of seven pubs scattered throughout France, in Pairs, Toulouse and Bordeaux. The pubs even microbrew their own beer with some great names including: ‘Parislytic’, ‘Dark de Triomphe’ and our favourite ‘Inseine’. They also serve a variety of British meals and snacks, including the icon dish: Fish and chips, making them a popular place for both British expats and foreign tourists. Find cheap flights to France

Great Shakes, Corfu, Greece
Since 1986, Great Shakes on the Greek island of Corfu has been serving British tourists, expats and Greek locals a selection of food from the Motherland. When it comes to their pub grub, Great Shakes pride themselves on serving one of the Brits’ favourite foods: Indian. It also serves a range of non-Indian dishes such as steak and ale pie, scampi, and bangers and mash, and it can all be washed down with drinks from Blighty, including John Smith’s, Strongbow and Gordon’s Gin. Find cheap flights to Corfu

The Rising Sun, Tokyo, Japan
Westerners lost in translation in Tokyo need not worry about having to munch on raw fish or sip green tea; The Rising Sun - which claims the title of Tokyo’s oldest British pub - is a Victorian-style establishment adorned with traditional pub mirrors, signs, mugs and jugs. Serving a selection of classic British dishes such as shepherd’s pie, Welsh rarebit, and of course the all-day English breakfast, as well as London ale, Strongbow cider and London Pride, fussy foreigners need never go hungry in the Japanese capital ever again.

The Black Swan, Bangkok, Thailand
Claiming to be one of the ‘few authentic English pubs in Bangkok”, The Black Swan is a refuge for Brits wanting to dodge ping pong balls popping out of places they shouldn’t be. Stocked with classic British and Irish beers including John Smith’s and Kilkenny, the Black Swan offers a place to munch on Yorkshire pudding, pork pie, ploughman’s lunch and toad in the hole.

The Glen Scottish Restaurant, Kanata, Canada
Opened by Scottish immigrants in 1988, The Glen promises to be a “wee bit of Scotland” and diners are assured of a “warm Highland welcome”. Professing to serve the best fish and chips outside of Scotland (a strangely common claim), the restaurant also offers hearty soups, haggis, neeps and tatties. It has even been voted Kanata’s best restaurant 2007 and 2008 - so they are obviously doing something right.

English Tea House and Restaurant, Sandakan, Borneo, Malaysia.
A trip back to Colonial times, The English Tea House is “housed in a meticulously renovated colonial house” allowing spectacular views of the town and Sandakan Bay. Guests can nibble on scones and clotted cream, English fish and chips and shepherd’s Pie. For the true English experience, you can even grab a mallet and play a game of croquet on the manicured lawn. Simply spiffing stuff!

British Sweets and Treats, Glebe, Sydney, Australia
For the Brits abroad down under, The British Sweets and Treats store in Sydney is a favourite of resident expats with a sweet tooth. From Bertie Basset’s liquorice allsorts, to humbugs, treacle toffee, black jacks, love hearts and even Blackpool rock, if Willy Wonker had an Australian outlet, this would be it.

Flanangan’s Irish Pub, Vienna, Austria
Irish pubs are like sand and Australians - they have a habit of getting everywhere. And yes, we know they’re Irish not British, but we just had to give Flanagan’s Irish pub in Vienna a special mention, because this Irish pub is more Irish than most Irish pubs outside of Ireland. No really. For centuries, this pub stood in the village of Church-town, County Cork, Ireland, serving the locals flagons of Irish stout and Kilkenny ale. Then one day, it was dismantled, transported to Vienna and reassembled brick by brick in the centre of the city, creating Vienna’s only genuine Irish pub. Now it serves Irish stout and Kilkenny ale to Viennese, British tourists and Irish expats.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Live bullfights back on Spanish TV

Televisión Española is to air a 'short but symbolic' series of bullfights after new rightwing government took control of its board. Live bullfighting is returning to Spain's public broadcaster Televisión Española (TVE) after six years of viewers being unable to watch, in real time, the last few minutes of a bull's life.

A fight at the bullring in Valladolid is set to be broadcast on 5th September, allowing bullfight fans to see half a dozen animals fought and killed on the sand of the city's arena.

The decision to show live bullfighting comes after the conservative People's Party (PP) of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy took control of the broadcaster's board and changed its senior management.
TVE will not pay the three bullfighters involved or the company that runs the Valladolid bullring, though it will bear the cost of setting up the multi-camera broadcast.Top matadors Julián López – known as El Juli – José María Manzanares and Alejandro Talavante have waived their royalties as part of a campaign to stop growing anti-bullfight sentiment that has already succeeded in getting the practice banned in the autonomous eastern region of Catalonia.

“TVE believes that the potential audience that might be attracted to this lineup is, in itself, a sufficient reason for broadcasting it,” a spokesman said. “This will be the first of a short but symbolic series of bullfights … which Spain's public television channel plans to programme,” TVE added.
bullfight1TVE pulled bullfighting from its schedules last year, saying it contravened its code of conduct for programmes before Spain's late evening watershed hour. Bullfights mostly start at 6pm or 7pm, falling into children's viewing hours and so raised issues of protecting children from the bloodshed. However, furious fans had accused the broadcaster of shunning a key part of Spanish popular culture. “This means that TVE, which belongs to us all, will deprive us of something that over the centuries has formed part of the cultural patrimony of many Spaniards, both of the political right and the left,” columnist Andrés Amorós wrote in the conservative daily ABC.

But Rajoy's PP, which swept to power in November, is involved in a controversial reform of the broadcaster and is accused of removing senior journalists who are seen as too leftwing.

The section preventing children from watching live bullfights was removed from its code of conduct earlier this year. “Management has acted accordingly,” a senior TVE source said.

TVE had not banned bullfighting completely, and continued to cover it on late night television and radio programmes devoted exclusively to what fans consider to be an art form – newspapers cover it in their arts pages.

Regular live broadcasts of the major bullfighting festivals from Madrid, Seville and elsewhere stopped in 2006, after TVE was priced out of the market by private broadcasters.

bullfighter“Now the bullfighting lobby seems prepared to do anything in order to bring live fights back to our public television channel, even if that means trampling over European Union television rules,” the Animalist party, which lobbies against bullfighting, said. TVE sources denied that any such rules were being broken.

Anti-bullfighting supporters are also raising the issue that ‘Spain’s National Art’ has been exempted from the IVA/VAT increase which comes into effect this Saturday, 1st September 2012. The IVA paid on other cultural tickets sees IVA rise from 8 percent to 21 percent. For Bullfighting it stays at the lower rate.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Valencia CF Home Games 2012/2013

2012/2013 Valencia CF Home Games in the league Aug 26 Valencia v Deportivo La Coruña
Sep 16 Valencia v Celta Vigo
Sep 30 Valencia v Real Zaragoza
Oct 21 Valencia v Athletic Bilbao
Nov 04 Valencia v Atlético Madrid
Nov 18 Valencia v Espanyol
Dec 02 Valencia v Real Sociedad
Dec 16 Valencia v Rayo Vallecano
Dec 22 Valencia v Getafe
Jan 13 Valencia v Sevilla FC
Jan 20 Valencia v Real Madrid
Feb 03 Valencia v Barcelona
Feb 17 Valencia v Mallorca
Mar 03 Valencia v Levante
Mar 17 Valencia v Real Betis
Apr 07 Valencia v Valladolid
Apr 21 Valencia v Málaga
May 05 Valencia v Osasuna
May 29 Valencia v Granada

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fiestas de Gandia - Fiestas in an around the Gandia area

Festes de Xeraco 2012
del 3 al 8 de Agosto, Xeraco (6Kms)

Festes 2012 en Simat de Valldigna
del 4 al 7 de Agosto, Simat de Valldigna (11Kms)

Santo Cristo de la Fe en Otos
del 4 al 7 de Agosto, Otos (20Kms)

Festes patronals en Tavernes de la Valldigna
5 de Agosto, Tavernes de la Valldigna (11Kms)

Divino Salvador en Els Poblets
6 de Agosto, Els Poblets (Alicante) (17Kms)

Cristo del Calvario en Genovés
6 de Agosto, Genovés (19Kms)

El Salvador en Murla
6 de Agosto, Murla (Alicante) (19Kms)

Cristo del Consuelo en Rafelguaraf
6 de Agosto, Rafelguaraf (19Kms)

Fiestas de Agosto 2012 en Elche
del 7 al 15 de Agosto, Elche (Alicante) (68Kms)

Santíssim Crist del Cònsol en Sagra
10 de Agosto, Sagra (Alicante) (16Kms)


22:00 NOCHE DE SAINTETE | Traditional Valencian Farce Calle Severo Ochoa
20:30 SOLEMN MASS | The deceased are honoured by a special mass Port Church
11:00 VII JUNIOR FISHING TOURNAMENT organised by Peña la UCA | Inscriptions from 10:00 Port de Xàbia
22:30 PRESENTATION OF THE 2011 FIESTA | Presentation of the Fiesta Queens and their Escorts Avda. Augusta
after LIVE MUSIC | "Grupo Hacker" (until 05:00) Avda. Augusta
09:30 JUNIOR RASPALL CHAMPIONSHIP | Valencian Pilota C/. Virgen de Loreto
10:00 XXX MARATHON organised by Peña La Bufa | Separate Programme Available Port de Xàbia
11:30 LLARGUES MATCH | Valencian Pilota C/. Virgen de Loreto
17:00 INTER-PEÑA RASPALL CHAMPIONSHIP | Valencian Pilota C/. Virgen de Loreto
18:30 PROFESSIONAL RASPALL MATCH | Valencian Pilota C/. Virgen de Loreto
22:00 COMMUNITY DINNER | Bring along something to eat and drink Paseo Maritimo
00:00 LIVE MUSIC | "Cache" (until 04:00) C/. Severo Ochoa
22:00 COMMUNITY DINNER | Zona Bartolomé Ros with live music from Bradmis until 02:30 Zone Bartolomé Ros
00:30 NIGHT OF FIESTA organised by Bar El Clavo and Duplex Bar | Live music until 03:00 Paseo Maritimo
22:00 COMMUNITY DINNER | Zona Triana with live music from Bradmis until 03:00 Zone Triana
THURSDAY 30th AUGUST 2012 - "Día de las Peñas"
12:30 The organising Committee accompanied by BATUKADA BUNPADA visits the peñas The streets of the Port
14:30 COMMUNITY DINNER organised by Peña La Comuna | A lunch for all the peñas C/. Severo Ochoa
19:00 "GYMKANA" organised by Peña La Depravà | A series of competitive games for the peñas Palau Municipal d'Esports (rear)
20:00 PRIZE GIVING for the XX JUNIOR DRAWING COMPETITION with performances by Mag-Wendo C/. Severo Ochoa
23:00 INTER PEÑA TALENT COMPETITION "A ver si tu vales" C/. Doctor Fleming
01:00 OPEN AIR DISCO | Until 04:00 C/. Doctor Fleming
12:00 "BOUS AL MAR" | la ganadería Ifach Port de Xàbia
18:30 SIMULTANEOUS CHESS with the maestro Francisco Sanchez-Guirado C/. Severo Ochoa
19:00 "BOUS AL MAR" | la ganadería Benavent Port de Xàbia
22:00 VI OPEN PAELLA COMPETITION organised by the Peña Les Marineres Palau Municipal d'Esports
23:30 "BOUS AL CARRER" | Acrobatic Display by D'ART MEDITERRANI - leaps and somersaults over bulls Port de Xàbia
- "TORO EMBOLADO" | la ganadería La Paloma Port de Xàbia
SATURDAY 1st SEPTEMBER 2012 - "Día de los Niños y de las Niñas"
09:30 XII OPEN TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT organised by TEMEXA Palau Municipal d'Esports
10:00 X JUNIOR BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT "3 x 3" organised by Bàsquet Joventut Xàbia Palau Municipal d'Esports
10:00 HOT CHOCOLATE AND CAKE organised by the neighbours of Calle Doctor Fleming
POPULAR CHILDREN'S GAMES organised by the neighbours of Calle Triana
TRADITIONAL MERINGUE THROWING organised by Comissió de Festes
and to wash it all off - WATER PARTY in collaboration with Transportes Montgó Avda. Jaume I
Paseo Maritimo
13:00 GREASY POLE organised by Peña La Bufa Port de Xàbia
14:00 PAELLA, SOFT DRINKS AND ICE CREAMS FOR ALL THE CHILDREN organised by Celsa SL and MasyMas C/. Severo Ochoa
16:00 IX JUNIOR BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT "3 x 3" organised by Bàsquet Joventut Xàbia (continued) Palau Municipal d'Esports
20:00 GRAND FLOAT PARADE with the participation of all the peñas | A dentist's dream! The streets of the port
23:00 LIVE MUSIC | "Jávea Rock Academy" Paseo Maritimo
24:00 CORREFOCS organised by XARXA TEATRE | Don't wear good clothes & be prepared for something special! The street of the port
01:00 NIGHT OF ROCK organised by Peña Els Entorbats | until 05:00 Paseo Maritimo
10:00 XXX CYCLING TROPHY organised by Peña La Bufa | Separate Programme Available Port de Xàbia
11:30 IV RASPALL CHAMPIONSHIP | Valencian Pilota Trinquet de Xàbia
11:30 CLASSIC CAR RALLY C/. Sevilla
12:00 "BOUS AL MAR" | la ganadería Paiportero Port de Xàbia
19:00 "BOUS AL MAR" | la ganadería Roberto Cordellat Port de Xàbia
20:30 LIVE MUSIC | Junior Band of the "Centro Artístico Musical de Xàbia" Avda. Jaume I
23:30 "NOCHE DE TOROS" | la ganadería Asensi Port de Xàbia
- "TORO EMBOLADO" organised by the ACT de Xàbia Port de Xàbia
12:00 "BOUS AL MAR" | la ganadería La Paloma Port de Xàbia
19:00 "BOUS AL MAR" | la ganadería Asensi Port de Xàbia
23:30 "BOUS AL CARRER" |  Port de Xàbia
- "TORO EMBOLADO" | la ganadería Benavent Port de Xàbia
12:00 "BOUS AL MAR" | la ganadería Roberto Cordellat Port de Xàbia
19:00 "BOUS AL MAR" | la ganadería Paiportero Port de Xàbia
23:30 "BOUS AL CARRER" |  Port de Xàbia
- "TORO EMBOLADO" | la ganadería Crespo Port de Xàbia
01:00 OPEN-AIR FANCY DRESS DISCO organised by Peña Els Entorbats | until 04:00 Avda. Jaume I
10:30 II GRAN CAGADA organised by Peña La Comuna | You don't want to know! Port de Xàbia
12:00 "BOUS AL MAR" | la ganadería Roberto Cordellat Port de Xàbia
19:00 "BOUS AL MAR" | la ganadería Paiportero Port de Xàbia
00:00 OPEN-AIR DISCO organised by Peñas La Banyà & Liatrix "Pilatrix" | until 04:00 Paseo Maritimo
THURSDAY 6th SEPTEMBER 2012 - "Día de la Tercera Edad"
10:30 BRISCA TOURNAMENT for the over 50s, organised by Peña La Bufa | Spanish Card Game C/. Doctor Fleming
22:00 STREET THEATRE organised by Peña La Bufa and sponsored by Concejalía de Fiestas C/. Doctor Fleming
24:00 "NOCHE DE RONDA" | The Tuna de Xàbia group sing to all the Fiesta Queens The streets of the Port
FRIDAY 7th SEPTEMBER 2012 - "Día del Santísimo Cristo del Mar"
08:00 DESPERTÀ | The traditional wake-up call with music and rockets The streets of the Port
13:00 PROCESSION to collect the Fiesta Queens and their Escorts The streets of the Port
13:30 TRADITIONAL STREET FIESTA C/. Santísimo Cristo del Mar
19:00 PROCESSION to collect the Fiesta Queens and their Escorts The streets of the Port
20:00 SOLEMN PROCESSION with the image of SANTÍSIMO CRISTO DEL MAR The streets of the Port
23:30 LIVE MUSIC | Licencia Para Imitar Paseo Maritimo
01:30 OPEN AIR DISCO organised by Peña Drink Team (until 06:00) Palau Municipal d'Esports (rear)
SATURDAY 8th SEPTEMBER 2012 - "Día de la Mare de Déu de Loreto"
08:00 DESPERTÀ | The traditional wake-up call with music and rockets The streets of the Port
11:00 PROCESSION to collect the Fiesta Queens and their Escorts The streets of the Port
13:30 MASCLETÀ Avda. Augusta
19:00 PROCESSION to collect the Fiesta Queens and their Escorts The streets of the Port
20:00 SOLEMN PROCESSION with the image of LA VIRGEN DE LA MARE DE DÉU DE LORETO The streets of the Port
22:30 LIVE MUSIC AND DANCING | "Super Magic Paseo Maritimo
01:00 AQUATIC FIREWORK DISPLAY to close the celebrations in honour of LA MARE DE DÉU DE LORETO Paseo Maritimo

Festes del Portitxol 2012 - Fiestas Portitxol Javea Xabia


A very informal procession through the village of Portitxol from the tosca stone cross on the edge of the Carretera del Portitxol and along Carrer del l'Illa and Carrer de la Caleta, an enjoyable stroll in the evening sunshine to get to know your fellow "festeros".

Snacks for all as we all recover from the walk around the area, enjoying the stunning views offered by this particular stretch of coastline.

Xativa-based singer Pep Gimeno is one of the most recognisable voices of the Valencian folk music scene of recent years and a perfect addition to this very traditional fiesta.
DANSÂ DE CARRER amenitzada pel Grup Portitxol i la Colla Portitxol
Traditional dancing performed by members of the wonderful Grup de Danses Portitxol who have been instrumental in restoring this old fiesta back to the municipal programme after a gap of a half-a-century.

A community supper for all. Long stretches of trestle table will have been laid out and one simply grabs a seat, throws whatever you have prepared in the middle of the table and everyone eats together. Drinks will be available at the bar or you can bring your own.

Live music and dancing into the night to a fun party-band who will play many favourites that will get young and old up on their feet and enjoying this very special fiesta.


A musical wake-up call through the village of Portitxol with the flutes and drums of the Colla Portitxol

A special maritime community breakfast with grilled sardines, fresh crusty bread and huge, juicy tomatoes and olives, all flushed down with copious amounts of beer!

As the hot summer sun climbs into the sky, everyone takes some shade to spend a couple of hours playing traditional games, a fun way to end an enjoyable fiesta.

Friday, July 20, 2012

IMF cinema in Torrevieja - movies in English -

The IMF cinema in Torrevieja (beside ‘Habaneras’ shopping centre) is once again showing movies in English. This week, it is popular family favourite, Ice Age with the fourth installment of the movie – Ice Age Continental Drift.

The movies in English are show in ‘original version’ or V.O. which means that although they have been dubbed in Spanish, can be enjoyed in English by wearing a pair of headphones in the cinema.

The wireless headphones transmit the original film soundtrack directly to the viewer so you can enjoy the latest blockbuster movies on the big screen, in your own language. A refundable deposit of €20 and identification (passport, drivers licence, etc) is required to borrow the headphones.

Dedicated screen for Movies in English ?

Management at the IMF cinema are keen to continue screening movies in English and revealed that they would like to dedicate one entire screen to showing movies in English all year round (with no need for headphones – the movies would be screened entirely in English).

To do this, they have askedfor feedback – would you be interested in going to the cinema? What sort of movies would you like to see?

Any ideas or feedback on how the IMF cinema can make your viewing experience enjoyable can be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will pass on your remarks.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Changes to Spanish IVA/VAT tax rates - Sept 2012

The Spanish Government has announced IVA/VAT rate changes from September 1 2012. Some items move to the top rate.

The 4% rate – to be kept at 4%
This is applied to items considered to be of basic need. It includes basic bread, frozen dough, eggs, cheese, milk, beans and fruit and vegetables.
Books, magazines and newspapers.
School material with the exception of electronic items.
Medicines for human use.
Vehicles for the disabled, wheel chairs and collective transport for the disabled.
Prosthesis and implants.
Official protection housing.

The 8% rate – to increase to 10%
Foodstuffs in general, with the exception of those in the 4% band, soft drinks.
Animals destined for human consumption or breeding.
Items used in agricultural, farming and forestry activities, such as seeds and fertilisers.
Contact lenses and glasses.
Disabled lifts and items for the diagnosis of illnesses.
Health assistance services, social services, and dental work.
Imported artworks and antiques.
The handing over of housing, including garages and annexes.
House construction (between promoter and contractor).
The special type of IVA charged on house sales now goes to 10%.
Services supplied by artists and technicians.
Sports, cultural and recreational services, exhibitions and fairs.
Hotel and restaurants, cleaning of streets and public gardens.
Rubbish collection.
Transport of passengers and motorway tolls.

The General Rate – now 18% is to rise to 21%
All other products, including alcoholic drinks, tobacco, animals used in bullfighting, agricultural machinery.
Devices for the diagnosis and monitoring of pregnancy.
Television and radio services.

Some items are changing rates, glasses and contact lenses, cinema, hairdresser, discotheques, theatre, health products, funeral and cleaning services will move from 8% to 21%.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Benicassim Festival 2012

The FIB organisers have now confirmed the day splits for Benicassim this year. Benicassim Thursday 12th July 2012
Florence + The Machine

Main Stage

At the Drive-In
 The Horrors
 Pony Bravo
 Los Tiki Phantoms

Trident Senses

De La Soul
 Bat For Lashes
 Dave Clarke
 Kurt Vile & the Violators
 Lisa Hannigan
 Chin Yi
 Arveene and Misk

Benicassim Friday 13th July 2012
Bob Dylan

Main Stage

Bombay Bicycle Club
 Chase & Status
 The Maccabees
 Miles Kane
Trident Senses

Katy B
 Little Dragon
 Jero Romero
 Oscar Mulero
 La Habitacion Roja
 Klaus Kinski
 Arp Attack
 Viktor Flores

FIB Club

Django Django
 Zola Jesus
 Timber Timbre
 Joe Crepúsculo
 Virginia Diaz
 Los Hermanos Pizarro
 Sons Phonetic

Benicassim Saturday14th July 2012
The Stone Roses
Main Stage
 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
 Crystal Castles
 Jessie J
 School Of Seven Bells

Trident Senses

Dizzee Rascal
 Maverick Sabre
 Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3
 Shit Robot
 Department S
 Damian Schwartz

FIB Club

 Getatchew Mekuria + The Ex
 The New Raemon
 Ham SandwicH
 Blanca db
 Don Gonzalo
 Kidd Ross

Benicassim Sunday 15th July 2012
New Order
Main Stage

David Guetta
 Ed Sheeran
 The Vaccines
 The Secret Society
Trident Senses

La Casa Azul
 Little Boots
 Stevie Jackson
 Maya Jane Coles
 The Crookes
 Juanita y los Feos

FIB Club
 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
 The Antlers
 Todd Terje
 Aldo Linares
 Thee Brandy Hips
 Two Pias DJs

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Valencia Street Circuit - European Grand Prix

The Valencia Street Circuit - European Grand Prix
22 - 24 June 2012

Live on Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports F1 HD, BBC One and BBC One HD.

The Track

Total track length:           5,419 km / 3,367 miles
Laps in a race:   57
Distance in a race:           308,883 km (191,919 miles)
Fastest lap in a race:      1:38.683 (Timo Glock, 2009) 197,688 km/h
Fastest lap:        1:37.587 (Sebastian Vettel, 2011) 199,908 km/h
Estimated maximum speed:      315 km/h
Estimated minimum speed:       50 km/h
DRS areas:          2
Length of Pit Lane:         657 metres
Minimum width on home straight:         15 metres
Minimum width on rest of track:             12 metres
Turns:   25
Left turns:          11
Right turns:        14


Here you can find the full timetable for the F1 2012 Grand Prix of Europe and the support races: GP2, GP3 and Porsche Mobil 1 SuperCup.
22nd June 2012, Friday
08:30     09:15     GP3       Practice Session
09:15     09:45     Formula One     Paddock Club Pit Lane Walk
10:00     11:30     Formula One     First Practice Session
12:00     12:30     GP2       Practice Session
12:45     13:45     Formula One     Paddock Club Pit Lane Walk
14:00     15:30     Formula One     Second Practice Session
16:00     16:30     GP2       Qualifying Session
17:00     17:45     Porsche Mobil 1 SuperCup         Practice Session

23rd June 2012, Saturday
08:30     09:15     Formula One     Pit Stop Practice
08:30     09:30     Formula One     Paddock Club Pit Lane Walk
09:45     10:15     GP3       Qualifying Session
11:00     12:00     Formula One     Third Practice Session
12:25     12:55     Porsche Mobil 1 SuperCup         Qualifying Session
13:00     13:45     Formula One     Paddock Club Pit Lane Walk
14:00     15:00     Formula One     Qualifying Session
15:40     16:45     GP2       First Race (30 laps or 60 mins)
17:20     17:55     GP3       First Race (14 laps or 30 mins)

24th June 2012, Sunday
09:25     10:00     GP3       Second Race (14 laps or 30 mins)
10:35     11:25     GP2       Second Race (23 laps or 45 mins)
11:45     12:20     Porsche Mobil 1 SuperCup         Race (14 laps or 30 mins)
12:25     13:15     Formula One     Paddock Club Pit Lane Walk
12:30     Formula One     Drivers Track Parade
13:30     Formula One     Pit Lane Open
13:45     Formula One     Pit Lane Closed – Grid Formation
14:00     16:00     Formula One     Grand Prix (57 laps or 120 mins)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ITV1 regions on freq 12402 changing to new frequency soon

The ITV1 regional variations, that are currently on frequency 12402 v 27.5 2/3 will soon be changing to a new frequency.

ITV1 Mer N (Meridean North)
ITV1 Anglia W (Anglia West)
ITV1 Yorks E (Yorkshire East)
ITV1 Central SW (Central South West)

will soon be moving to a new frequency.

The new frequency for these ITV1s will be
Frequency: 10994
Polarisation: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 22000
FEC : 5/6
More information on these frequency changes for ITV region available here

Friday, February 24, 2012

BBC, ITV, C4, Five channels available with no subscription on smaller satellite dishes in Valencia from today

Recent changes (as posted here) made by the UK TV broadcasters and Astra (the satellite operator), mean that you can now receive

BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, Cbeebie, CBBC, BBC News, BBC1 HD, BBC HD, ITV1, ITV1HD, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, Channel 4, Channel 4 HD, More 4, E4, Film 4, Five, Five USA and Five

for free, with no subscription, on a smaller satellite dish than previously required in Spain, the Costa Blanca, and the Communidad Valencia.

In some areas in Communidad Valencia an 80cm satellite dish is big enough to receive these channels.

In other areas of Communidad Valencia a larger 1m satellite dish is required.

It may be that your current satellite dish is big enough to receive these channels for free, but it may need realignment or a better quality LNB.

The availability of these channels on smaller satellite dishes is temporary, possibly only to the end of this year, when a new satellite is launched, which may change reception.

We can perform dish realignments from 30euros, supply stronger LNBs (LNBs from 15 Euros), or install a 1m dish for 125 Euros.

For more information on receiving these UK TV channels on small satellite dish in Spain, and prices for satellite dish and digibox installations please see : UK TV Channels Available on Small Satellite Dish. Free TV on an 80cm satellite dish. Free TV on an 1m satellite dish.ITV1. ITV2. ITV3. ITV4. Channel 4. Film 4. Costa Blanca. Spain. Digital Satellite Systems Costa Blanca Spain

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Earthquake in Torrevieja 5th February 2012

An earthquake of just 3 or 4 seconds long, has been felt in Torrevieja at 5:45am

The three seconds and 3,1 points on the Richter scale earthqueake has been felt in Torrevieja today, 5th of February 2012, at around 4:45 a.m.

The National Institute of Geology has confirmed an earthquake struck the Costa Blanca at around 4.45 on Sunday Morning (5th February).

According to the National Geografic Institute, the epicentre of this earthquake was pinpointed at a depth of just 11km located at sea, in Cabo de Palos, about 15 km from Torrevieja and 12 kilometers deep.

No damage has been caused at all apart from the surprise and nerviosism of those Torrevieja citizens who felt the tremor.

Reports that the ground also moved in surrounding areas including Pilar de la Horadada and San Pedro del Pinatar to the South, and Almoradi and Guardamar to the West and North of Torrevieja.

The silence of the night, has made this tremor became much more noticeable, causing great alarm among people who are afraid to hear how the glass of the windows of their houses shaking.

In the last 12 months, there have been several tremors have been felt in the Torrevieja area, although of limited intensity.

The largest earthquake has been felt in recent months, was on 23 March 2011, reaching an intensity of 3.1 degrees, but had lower sensory impact occur at 11:28 a.m.

Almost two centuries ago Torrevieja was devastated by an earthquake.

On the 21th of March 1829, a 6,6 point on the Richter scale earthquake destroyed Torrevieja and many villages of the Vega Baja. As a result, 389 people died, 32 of which died in Torrevieja.

It is well documented that the area in and around Torrevieja is settled on fault lines: Benijuzar and Benijofar, Guardamar, and Torrevieja.

Fallas 2012 Valencia 15th - 19th March 2012

The idea of Las Fallas de Valencia was first cooked up by the medieval guilds, especially the wood workers who swept up spare pieces of wood, shavings and junk into a huge bonfire on the feast day of their patron saint, St Joseph. As the inter-guild competition heated up, passions flared, so did creativity and bonfires now included bizarre effigies (fallas) of despised rivals. And so began a tradition that evolved into the major tourist attraction of Valencia. In the days of yore, effigies were made of unpopular people or events and strung up across streets and burnt. Today this still happens though the materials used are more sophisticated with these effigies being mounted on floats and platforms which are wheeled in a processions down the city streets.

Celebrations at Las Fallas de Valencia

The five day festival is a carnival of bonfires, fireworks, parades, shows, and other festivities, as it also celebrates the arrival of spring. Every day the day starts at 8 am sharp with a ‘wakeup call or la Desperata as it is called. Bands march down the main streets of the town and firecrackers are burned as peppy music rents the air.

At 2 pm it’s time for the La Mascleta which takes place in the different neighborhoods of the city – this is a run up to the main event of Mascleta held on 19 March at the Plaça de l’Ajuntamen. This is when fire crackers and pyrotechnics rule the roost and competitions are held to choose the brightest best fire! Prizes are also awarded for the most ingenious use of left over materials.

The spectacular event of garlanding Our Lady of the Forsaken takes place on 17 and 18 March at 4 pm when people offer flower garlands to the patron saint.

Every night there are firework displays in the city and the final one on the last night is the most magnificent with firecrackers and fireworks lighting up the skies.

Las Fallas gets under way on March 16, when all competing Fallas have to be completed. Taking in some cases up to a year to plan, design and build, these models are spread all over the city for the festive week. Some encapsulate entire scenes from cartoons and fairytales using sets of dwarf-sized figures called ninots.

The focus turns to religion on the following two days, with a Catholic procession known as La Ofrenda. At this time fallas makers ceremoniously bring flowers to the city’s central Plaza of the Virgin, which are used to decorate an enormous wooden-framed statue of Mary. The procession pageants that trail through the center of the city to the plaza on these days are a colorful and pretty sight, with many groups in period costumes and sassy Latin marching bands.

One feature of Las Fallas you definitely can’t ignore is the fireworks displays that blast all around town for the duration of the festival. Occurring three times daily, the fireworks kick off with an 8am display known as la despertà. At 2pm at the main Plaza del Ayuntamiento there is a gigantic fireworks display called la mascletà that centers around a 120-kilo gunpowder blast. Perhaps the most special of the three is el castillo, the midnight fireworks display that reaches its height on the final night of the festival, dubbed la nit de foc, or “night of fire”.

The climax of Las Fallas is la cremà, the night when each of the models in turn is set alight between 10pm and 1am. This dramatic, unusual display may appear like a harrowing street riot at first, but once you adjust your eyes you can enjoy the festival atmosphere and communal sense of seasonal renewal.
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